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Development of an OPEX Model for Producing the Field on Paper


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Rap-Val™ Process


Turn available knowledge into solutions

Rapid Intensive Value Creation (Rap-Val™)

Rapid Intensive Value Creation is Navidad Energy Advisors’ proprietary process for accelerating the generation and implementation of new projects resulting in reduced costs and increased revenue. Rap-Val™ combines strategic thinking with practical project execution tools and methods for improving operations.

We believe your team already has the answers. One road-block to implementation is the focus required to address daily, urgent matters. Our approach provides a framework for your team to drive systematic change that will boost value and increase efficiency. NEA provides the guidance and augmented task-work required during planning and execution phases.

We use proven, simple facilitation tools to help your team generate, select, and execute the innovative ideas required to improve operations. Our experienced performance coaches work side-by-side with your team in a collaborative environment to help draw out the ideas, knowledge and concepts you already have within your organization. We then work with your personnel to rapidly prioritize, projectize and propel these money making ideas into reality.

Our principals have melded internal organizational resources with external support in our past leadership roles to address a variety of business needs ranging from turnarounds to integration and rapid growth.


Rapid progress requires rapid learning

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